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Important update

Important update from Car Claim

Please be informed that it is currently for non-Dutch residents no longer available to register at the website. As a proactive measure, Car Claim has halted new registrations for non-Dutch residents, ensuring the integrity and security of the existing non-Dutch registrant information.

Our dedicated team continuously strives to navigate through the legal complexities to achieve a comprehensive and equitable resolution for all affected parties, irrespective of their geographical location. We remain committed to our mission of advocating for fair compensation and justice for all victims of ‘Dieselgate’.

In the light of potential advancements in the case that may facilitate the inclusion of non-Dutch individuals, please be assured that communication channels will be revitalized promptly. The Foundation is steadfast in its commitment to keep you well-informed, ensuring that your voices are heard, and your interests ardently championed.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience during this intricate phase of legal navigation. For any queries or additional information, please feel free to reach out to us at info@stichtingcarclaim.com.

Frequently asked questions

Rest assured, we will revitalize our communication channels promptly in the case of any progress for non-Dutch residents, and necessary updates will be communicated to all registrants.

At this moment, no. The legal framework is however evolving, and we are continuously working to ensure the inclusion of non-Dutch residents. We will communicate promptly if there are any advancements.

Absolutely. All registrant information has been securely locked and safeguarded to maintain confidentiality and data integrity.

Due to ongoing legal proceedings in the Netherlands, which currently do not include non-Dutch residents, we have temporarily disabled the website and registration module to ensure clarity and safeguard existing registrant information. For Dutch residents, please visit www.derclaim.nl.

Yes, for any queries or additional information, please feel free to reach out at info@stichtingcarclaim.com.

Unfortunately, we have momentarily halted new registrations for non-Dutch residents. Please keep checking back for updates, as we will notify you on this website if and when registrations reopen.

Yes, registrants are always free to pursue individual legal actions. The foundation’s actions are collective, but they do not prevent non-Dutch residents from seeking justice individually.

This pause is a strategic step to navigate through current legal complexities. Our mission remains steadfast: to secure fair compensation for all affected by ‘Dieselgate.’

If you have any questions regarding your registration and the documents you possibly uploaded, please submit your request via email to info@stichtingcarclaim.com.

If you wish to have your registration data removed from our records, you can submit a request via email to info@stichtingcarclaim.com. Upon receiving your request, we will proceed to delete your data and confirm the completion of this action. Please note that once your data is deleted, it cannot be recovered, and you may not receive further updates or communications regarding the ongoing lawsuit or any potential settlements.

Your continued support is invaluable. Please feel free to engage with us via email, and your opinions and experiences will continue to be instrumental in our collective action.

Our Privacy Policy provides detailed information on how we collect, use, and protect your personal data. You can access and review our Privacy Policy here.