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Important update

About Car Claim

The Car Claim foundation is a non-profit organization, which endeavours to protect the interests of motorists who are suffering damages resulting from ‘Dieselgate’. Our aim is that these motorists will be compensated for these damages. We also strive that car manufacturers will guarantee that in the future, affected motorists can continue to utilize their vehicles without adverse consequences.

What we are committed to

We want to arrive at a reasonable, fair and acceptable solution for all European owners who have been injured by ‘Dieselgate’.

When a car manufacturer makes an actual settlement offer, every concerning individual driver will be able to decide to agree with it or not. In short: you will keep ownership of your own claim. This means that you are free to start legal action yourself after your registration as a non-Dutch registrant.

The Car Claim Foundation is a non-profit organization. There are no upfront costs when registering with Car Claim. Should you choose to agree to a possible settlement offer between Car Claim and a car manufacturer, a maximum of 25 percent of that compensation amount is intended for the external financier and all (legal) costs of our foundation.


The goal of our Foundation is to prevent the consequences of Dieselgate from being at your expense and risk. Our intention is to get you compensated for all the disadvantages that you are currently experiencing of have experienced as a (former) driver of an affected vehicle. You should have the peace of mind of using a car that does meet the actual environmental standards, without (financial) risk.

For car owners that are non-Dutch registrants, we seek appropriate compensation through dialogue. This compensation can (in part) take the form of a financial reimbursement. Other, more indirect, possibilities are, for example, a guaranteed trade-in premium. In short, our efforts are focused on an appropriate settlement, of which a financial compensation may be a part.